It’s important to set a right scope and expectation for a plan. So I want to make the new year technical reading plan small and achievable.

“Agile project management with SCRUM”

“Head First Design Patterns”

“Art of computer programming – Volumn 1”

“Agile software development – principles patterns and practices”

“Protect your windows networks”

“Test driven development”

And I’ll start learning a little Japanese to get familiar with JPN IME.


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  1. I was struck by the hotnesy of your posting

  2. I never thought I would find such an everyday topic so enrinallhtg!

  3. en revanche, j'ai toujours été étonnée devant ces personnes "hors norme", c'est plutôt ce qu'il y a à l'intérieur du cerveau, comment et pourquoi il es ainsi qui m'intéresse.

  4. any one bad thing about the Pearls or their writings, then he/she is labeled as “not liking” the Pearls or their writings. *sigh*THANK YOU for coming over and seeing for yourself what I’m saying. There ARE some good things in the book, but there is just as much bad, and the book is DEFINITELY not applicable to every woman in every situation.

  5. so much for reading and for leaving your insights. So true that many organizations are only operating in this and next year’s budget. Ultimately, that will hurt them in the long run!

  6. “lefoglalt dolgokat is maguknál tartják még jelenleg.”Hehe egy idÅ‘ után már megéri valakinek betörni a jogvédÅ‘k irodáiba, hiszen hatalmas mennyiségű HW-t tudnak elvinni majd.

  7. Emily:The concept of checklists is a good one. Lawyers generally could learn a lot from how doctors “operate” (and how they are educated and trained as well).Good law firms look for ways to be more efficient. Great ones take the next step and try to be more effective.I should say my response to Mr. Brown was not intended to mock; it was meant more as a bit of jousting. One of the best things about the 3 Geeks in print is that they are never boring. Given this subject matter, that is not easy to do. ~ John

  8. A fabulous event … will the Kats report on what the presenters have to say on their respective issues, or may there even be a podcast of the event(for a fee, of course) – for the benefit of those of us who have a keen interest in copyright and authorship, but can't travel to London due to work commitments (and the long distance to London..)?

  9. “Arabs build far more illegal structures ”Yea like Arab familes who put up tents after Isr bulldozes their homes …and then Isr calls those shelters illegal.You are an upside down person.

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