I believe it’s a very common scene that 2 (or unfortunately more) program managers argue in a feature design meeting.

It’s more likely to happen in an early stage of feature design when everyone is not clear about how to implement the functionality. The discussion should be focus on setting the goals, target users, and the scenarios.

According to my experience, the arguements are often initiated by introducing unkown factors of the how: “If we can have Scotty SDK to beam my cup to the tea room… If Scotty SDK is not public to 3rd party, we’ll have to…” But what’s more important is how user’s needs get met in the scenario: “I want to get a cup of tea without going to the tea room in person as I’m on a conf call.” The scenario may go well by asking a Star Trek fan developer to do you a favor.

So the motto can be “No developers in this room” when having a feature discussion on early stage. Focus on how to meet user needs but not how to implement everything.

Of course I mean don’t think like coding the feature on the meeting, but we surely should involve the developers!


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